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Wait a Little Longer for iPhone 5 Launch

Posted in Apple on 9th October 2011

iphone 5 launch 247x300 Wait a Little Longer for iPhone 5 Launch Apparently, gadget lovers should wait a little longer for iPhone 5 launch times. Such reports revealed that this next generation of iPhone was expected to be launched in the week of Labor Day, but due to an ‘event blackout’ iPhone 5 will not be available in the first two weeks of September, claimed an AT&T employee. This statement from AT&T as cited in tech site Gizmodo seems to clarify that the timing of iPhone 5 release will probably in the late September. Contrary to what AT&T has reported, other sources speculate that there won’t be iPhone 5 launch in September. Buyers will most likely be able to get this iconic device of Apple sometime in October.

There are plenty predictions about iPhone 5 launch as well as iPhone 5 specs because Apple is keeping everything to itself without giving any clues by far. There are likely two major assumptions about iPhone 5. First, it has been assumed that if Apple releases a new hardware this fall, then it won’t be a complete iPhone 5. It will just be a cheaper but yet upgraded version of iPhone 4. Meanwhile, there is also a speculation that Apple will matter-of-factly launch the iPhone 5 with such capabilities from NFC technology to 4G LTE. It is also complemented with a hi-res camera and is designed similarly to iPod Nano. Some say that both speculations about this Smartphone are pretty plausible. Either way, we’ll see what happens in iPhone 5 launch.

If Apple keeps things unpredicted, then buyers expect that those unpredicted stuffs will end up astounding. It is broadly known that this year we have already got various kinds of Smartphone and tablets from android phone manufacturers. These Smartphone and tablets are attuned with Verizon’s 4G LTE network. That’s why in any case, Apple is supposed to release a 4G iPhone which is compatible with Verizon and LTE network. In nut shell, buyers can hardly wait for iPhone 5 launch.

iPhone 5 Concept Features : iPhone 5 leaked Video

Posted in Apple on 9th October 2011

Amazing Concept iPhone 5. This CG iPhone 5 has advanced iPhone features such as a sleeker iPhone design, a laser keyboard & holographic display all rolled into this iPhone 5 video.

The computer generated Concept iPhone 5 features is an exponential leap to the iPhone 4 or iPhone 3gs of today.

We hope you enjoy this iPhone 5 video more than the current trend of iPhone 5 rumors such as iPhone 5 leaked and iPhone 5 unboxing videos. Apple is yet to make the iPhone 5 announcement. So have your fill of this new iPhone video before the iPhone 5 release.

iPhone 5 Sprint Is Coming in the Mid October

Posted in Apple on 9th October 2011

iphone 5 sprint iPhone 5 Sprint Is Coming in the Mid October iphone 5 sprint

In relation with Wall Street Journal, iPhone 5 Sprint will come in the mid October. Even though there are speculations that iPhone 5 will be launched in September, but according to the journal it seems that October will be the ideal time for iPhone 5 launch date. iPhone 5 will come to Sprint network, and is also expected to cooperate with larger U.S. carriers like AT&T and Verizon to get wider consumers.

It has been rumored that Apple is testing LTE model for iPhone 5, but the rumor remains unclear. There are speculations that iPhone 5 will look a bit similar to iPhone 4 models but carry more upgraded features like a speedy A5 processor, a 8MP camera, and possibly NFC technology. But, as the iPhone 5 design has leaked, there might be a number of changes. According to the teasers, iPhone 5 Sprint will be thinner wider than iPhone 4, has a wider home button, and look like iPod. Buyers are apprehensively waiting for this iconic device from Apple.

In the past, iPhone is available only in AT&T network. iPhone 5 Sprint will be available soon. Sprint will also provide network for previous gen of iPhone, iPhone 4. A number of analysts say that iPhone 5 launches on Sprint. Sprint is expected to increase the distribution of iPhone 5. It might be a great deal since there is a massive competition between Smartphone manufacturers. Apple is expecting iPhone 5 Sprint will find its success like previous gen of iPhone(s) did.

iPhone 5 Search Rumors and Facts. SFPD Launches Internal Probe

Posted in Apple on 9th October 2011

iphone 5 search iPhone 5 Search Rumors and Facts. SFPD Launches Internal ProbeThe iphone 5 search is still continued today. After the new iPhone 5 prototype had been reportedly missing at a bar somewhere at the San Francisco couple days ago, the local police department is still underway of searching the missing iPhone 5 handset. Looking back couples months ago when Apple had also lost their iPhone 4 prototype before the launch date, more and more people are speculating that this isn’t actually an actual case. They believed that this is one of the marketing champagnes of Apple to get free publicity, especially with the fact that previous lost also occurred at a bar.

Police officers and the Apple private security agents had conducted the iphone 5 search and already researched 22-year-old Sergio Calderon’s home whom being accused for keeping the missing phone. Based on his confession to the media earlier, he said that Apple’s security agents had threaten him down for exposing his relatives’ immigration statuses in case he felt disagree for these personnel to search over his house. In the other opportunity, Jai Gohel as the San Francisco criminal attorney stated to PCMag that such threat to someone in order to get agreements for iphone 5 search is can be considered as extortion, while the law enforcement officers will be charged for violating the constitutional rights.

And about the missing phone itself, there is still no confirmation from both Apple and other parties about whether or not that was iPhone 5 search. And so Calderon has never claimed for knowing about any information related to the missing phone, and all he ever claimed is all about that he went visited the bar at the night when the phone was reportedly missing. The previous case of iPhone 4 lost end up with two men been charged for illegal actions while the Gizmodo was successfully to avoid any legal charges at that time. Well, let’s see the end of this iphone 5 search this time.

iPhone 5 Design Leaked before Launch Date

Posted in Apple on 9th October 2011

iphone 5

Apple has not launched the next generation of iPhone, but iPhone 5 design leaked on the internet. Future buyers can see the spoiler of iPhone 5 design before the launch date. It has been predicted that the design will not be much different from the previous iPhones but knowing that the design has been leaked might cause disadvantages for Apple. Apple matter-of-factly has prepared for this leak issue by providing many alternative designs for iPhone 5. Unfortunately, there might be some poorly-paid workers who trade the secret with a bunch of money.

Based on the iPhone 5 design leakedprediction, iPhone 5 is designed thinner. Thin design may always the signature design of iconic Apple device, iPhone(s). The design will not be much different from iPhone 4, but it will be a little bit thinner than that with upgraded features. Due to iPhone 5 design leaked, there is an Italian designer named Ciccarese who made a replicate of iPhone 5 called CG. Ciccarese’s design is the mixture between iPod touch and iPad designs. As predicted before, the design is extremely thin with a huge screen extended all over its body. The home button is shaped like a wide-tablet.

Owing to the iPhone 5 design leaked issue, there might be many mock-ups of iPhone 5. According to the teaser available on the internet, iPhone 5 is predicted to be thinner, have an extra half-inch which is wider than iPhone 4, a wide-tablet-shaped home button, and look like iPod style body. Regardless of these spoilers, buyers can only wait for the original iPhone 5 design will be. Buyers are certainly expecting a really good design and highly upgraded features of iPhone 5. The presence of these spoilers somehow makes the buyers to be glad because there were rumors that iPhone 5 will be exactly like iPhone 4 with upgraded and renewed features. In contrast, iPhone 5 design leaked issue shows that there will be a number of changes that will shock the buyers.

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